I don’t believe in sitting around, waiting for good stuff to happen. To me, that’s just a waste of time and valuable talents. To my mind, everyone can improve their life and make whatever changes that will make them happy. In that sense, I would be what one might consider a “can do” kind of a guy.

Anyone who knows me says I’ve always been like that, even when I was a kid. I do remember getting friends to try out stuff or get them to join me in some mischief. Perhaps, I simply lack the patience required to accept boredom. Essentially, I see absolutely no sense in being dissatisfied and would always encourage people to change what they don’t like about their life. Motivating people to improve their lives has always been one of my strengths, and I guess that’s how ended up becoming a financial advisor.

It All Started at College

What I remember first and foremost about college is seeing guys with buckets of potential wasting it through lack of direction and ambition. Unlike me, they would spend days hanging around and wasting precious time procrastinating. While I would try to get all my college work done quickly and efficiently to then go on and enjoy myself, a lot of my friends would sit around and talk about getting down to work, without even turning the first page. In the end, I ended up having a great time at college, while also excelling academically.

A couple of years into my studies, some people caught on to my clever ways and started asking for my advice. Somehow, the combination of top results and my high-flying lifestyle stirred other people’s ambition. While I initially just gave them some practical “study-leisure-balance” tips, I soon worked my finance, IT, and marketing expertise into my advice. Soon, I was building websites, running online marketing drives, doing up personal finance plans, and, making a good income from it all.

By the time I left college, I was ready to set up my own personal finance advisory service, online and off, I never even considered finding a job. At that point, I was already earning a sizeable income and knew it could only grow.

Working for myself has allowed me to be in charge of my time and money without being answerable to anyone. Today, I have lots of clients, my online presence is strong, and the combination of both offers me a top-quality lifestyle and quality of life.

This Website – A Tool to Help You Change Your Life

My motto is “Not satisfied with your life? You are the only ones who can make a change”. It lays at the foundation of the personal finance services I provide, and you will find lots of useful tools to help you to improve your life right here. Apart from straight financial advice and news, you will also find interesting posts about the finer things in life including cars, travel, and partying. In my mind, everyone should be able to live the lifestyle of a high-flyer, and with my advice you can get there too.