Why Minimalism Is the Only Lifestyle Choice You Need to Make

In recent years, minimalism has become a common trend among millennials who are experiencing a quickly changing lifestyle and a dramatic shift in consumer attitudes. When I graduated from college and got my first job, all I dreamed about was getting a big apartment, clothes that would never fit into a massive wardrobe and a big collection of shoes and watches. I will share my experience with you on ChangeBy.

As I have grown older, I have understood that value doesn’t always coincide with the quantity of stuff I own. In fact, the more “stuff” I bought, the less happy I seemed to be. It was then I came across the theory of minimalism which I have successfully applied in my life to live more happily and save more money. Here are the reasons why minimalism is the only lifestyle choice you will ever need to make.

You clear your clutter

The first rule of minimalism is clearing your clutter. It applies to everything- clothes that you bought but never wore, shoes that are lying idle on the racks, and even food that you bought but are never going to eat. It would simply go bad in your refrigerator until you eventually throw it out. So, instead of keeping an emotional attachment to your “stuff”, you should decide to either donate the things that you will never use to those in need or hire a professional company like Just Rubbish Removal to come and clear your junk out so you never have to see it again. And these items can be anything, from furniture to old DVDs. Just get rid of anything you won’t need or haven’t used in a long time.

The moment you start doing this, you will find an instant breeze of fresh air flowing through your house. There will be many fewer possessions to take care of and life would become simpler. Clearing the cutter can also help you see if your house needs cleaning frequently. Well, no one likes to live in a messy and dirty space. So, you might also want to hire a maid service by searching for them on the internet. For instance, if you are from Atlanta, you can search for Atlanta maid service on the internet which can help you find a firm that can provide professional maids for your home cleaning purpose. You can schedule the frequency of the cleaning according to your needs. However, if you have a smaller apartment with limited rooms, you may be able to clean your house yourself. Your only requirement may be to have a cleaning machine (more here on such a cleaning device).

Its good for your wallet

Minimalism is good for your wallet and many ChangeBy readers swear by this fact. Personally, I have been able to get rid of my rampant consumerism and addiction to fast fashion because of minimalism. I save thousands of dollars each year by not buying new clothes every few weeks. I only buy things when I need them, keep my spending to a minimum and only spend on things that provide me value. It has helped increase my quality of life as well. Not only this, my bank balance has remained intact for a very long time.

No debts

The best thing about minimalism is that it keeps you away from debt. Over the years, I have realized that debt is a big problem for anyone who wants to live a happy and fulfilled life. My credit card debt was beyond control but ever since I turned into a minimalist, I have discarded my credit card completely and live off my debit card. Its simpler, easier and helps me stay completely debt free.

These are three of the biggest reasons why minimalism is the only lifestyle change you will ever need to make. If you have any questions, ask me here at ChangeBy.