Why Might You Consider Bowties Instead of Neckties for Your Club?

Neckties are far more popular than bowties, so people often forget to consider the bowtie option when they are picking out the right kind for their club. However, club bowties can be just as appreciated as club neckties, and they actually come with several distinct advantages.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to think about having custom bowties instead of custom neckties for your club.

Neckties Don’t Work Well for Eating

One of the main reasons why bowties are worn with tuxedos is that tuxedos are generally worn during formal dining. When you’re eating, a necktie can get in the way, and nobody wants to spoil their outfit by getting stains on their tie when they reach forward to get some more food. People often take supper or attend dinners at their club events, so it can make plenty of sense to go with bowties instead of neckties.

Bowties Are More Novel

Many professionals wear neckties all day for work. That’s fine, but it can be nice to wear something a little different in your leisure time. After all, it’s nicer to put on a type of clothing that you don’t wear very often whenever you attend your club instead of simply swapping from your work necktie to your club necktie.

More Formal

Whether or not you want your members to be dressed more formally really depends upon your club, but most will want to adopt a more formal appearance. As such, bowties tend to be a good choice. Thanks to their association with evening wear, and the fact that they don’t tend to be worn by people in more menial jobs, bowties are considered more formal and prestigious, so they can lend a more distinguished air to your club.