The Mobile Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making Money ANYWHERE

As one of the few remaining positives of the connected world of the World Wide Web, many mobile entrepreneurs are able to be so mobile on account of running online business operations. I could very well be wrong, but I think the ultimate business as far as those remote businesses go would be something like an e-commerce website, which would imply that it’s an automated operation that doesn’t need continued, direct involvement in order to keep generating money.

What about those who would probably refer to themselves as old-school entrepreneurs though, or simply those entrepreneurs who aren’t too keen on making money out of what is in large part contributing nothing much to world through the digital space? Sure, there are indeed many essential services which are rendered over the digital space and there are many physical products which are essentially just sold via the internet, but considering how big something like the SEO industry is, it’s perhaps safe to say that many of the services which are rendered over the digital space don’t really contribute anything new and meaningful to the development of society.

So if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who like to do business in the physical world, interacting with people and solving problems at ground-level, here are some pointers to guide you in your quest to cater to your burning desire to be mobile:

Don’t completely shun the virtual world

The internet is so popular as a business tool because of how effective it is. In a lot of cases, it often cuts out the need for many physical logistical processes involved in the running of a business, so don’t shun it completely. From onboarding to paying your employees their monthly salary through an online tool, from somewhere like Roll by ADP, you can spend more time focusing on the things that actually matter. So, you should definitely use it to your advantage where possible.

Stay true to the problem-solving spirit of what entrepreneurship is all about

Remember that wherever it is you may go in this world, there will be some problems to solve and that is where the opportunity lies for you as a mobile entrepreneur. As long as you can find a way to solve a problem by creating value people want to buy, you can make it anywhere as a mobile entrepreneur.

Selling convenience

The greatest opportunity to generate profit still resides in the ability to identify more convenient channels through which to deliver a product or service to a buying customer, for that is where value is attained in a time and age when pretty much everything has been invented already to make our lives easier or more efficient. Find convenience to sell.

A great example of how I would do this, if for instance I found myself in a town such as Phoenix, would be to knock on everyone’s door and ask them if do they have a problem with certain regional pests and if they have a product they frequently buy to handle that problem. Either way (whether they already buy a product or if they’re looking for one), I would then proceed to assume the role of supplier, bringing Phoenixville Pest Control products and services to each resident’s door and then keeping the difference between what they would have had to pay had they bought it at retail price and how much they have to pay buying it from me, as I would have stocked it at wholesale or bulk price.