The Effect of Workplace Environment and Amenities on Employee Productivity

There are fewer things than a positive workplace and a ticket to some of the finest amenities that translate into the “we care about you”. As humans, we are all motivated by one form or the other of gifts. Be it intangible or tangible, we all seek for that something more in our lives. The same applies to the organization. Every employee wishes to feel catered and well-cared for by the employer they are working for.

It is also fair that the people who help the business owner achieve his/her dreams, get some of their dreams fulfilled too.

When trying to retain the best and the brightest pool of talent and keep it from going elsewhere, it is important that organizations start offering more than that is offered by their competitors. Since they too are competing for the same talent your company hosts, if you don’t give employees the much-needed care and compensation that inspires and motivates them to stick around, you will soon be at loss.

What Constitutes An Ideal Workplace?

A positive working environment also has a direct impact on the way employees perform. If they don’t feel comfortable in the physical setting of the office, don’t feel appreciated on tasks well done, and face discrimination on the basis of the difference in their culture or religion, they aren’t going to perform at their best.

A positive work environment is more than just having a common room to relax, a lounge, and a game room to pass some time off work. A positive environment is about creating a space that feels like a second home. And why not when employees spend more than half their waking time there? It should feel comfortable, boost one’s morale, ignite their passion, breed a sense of fulfillment, and of course, make them more productive. Their safety is of the utmost importance too as they need to feel like coming to work is secure. Companies can make this happen by implementing employee ID badges for when they enter and exit so they are going into a protected building each day, helping their mindset and productivity.

To create the ideal space, whether in a private office or a co-shared space, start with the basics. Make the interiors welcoming by introducing ergonomically-designed furniture from a place like Renta Centre, bring some natural life form inside such as by renting plants for the office to make it appear fresh and roomy and lastly, don’t forget to appreciate your employees whenever needed.

Do Amenities Matter?

Yes, they do! Both active and passive well-designed amenities are essential for keeping the workforce motivated and charged. Amenities can include a variety of things from transportation to food, from healthcare to gift cards, from on-site fitness centres to flexible timings, from on-site counselling to education sponsorships and vacations etc. All of these minimize some of the distraction in an employee’s life and also motivates them to give their best. You can check this out if you’re interested in learning more about how office amenities can help improve employee productivity.

Does Work Environment And Amenities Go Hand In Hand?

For a fact, they do! Think about it, if you were an employee whose organization offers luxury vacations annually, but fails to provide a positive and healthy work environment and culture, would you work for it still? Would you stay back for those 14 days of leaves and suffer throughout the rest? Probably not!

The same goes for a healthy working environment which lacks any amenities offered by companies. So to say, that they should go hand in hand is the key to any business’s success as not only will it be able to retain its employees but also keep them committed. This will eventually result in high productivity and satisfied employees.

Isn’t that what every good organization looks for?