The Best Condos for Sale in Pranburi

Pranburi, in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, is fast becoming an extremely desirable location for tourists and ex-pat living. To the North, the town is just 30km from Hua Hin and 280 km Southwest of Bangkok. To the West is the Tanintharyi border with Myanmar, to the South is Sam Roi Yot, and its Western coastline faces the Gulf of Thailand. Pranburi is the only town that sits on the Pranburi River, this 130km river rises in the Tanasserim Hills and exits into the Gulf of Thailand.

The road links to and from the capital are good, and there are regular bus and van schedules running every day. There is also a train link from Bangkok to nearby Hua Hin, there are 11 daily departures, which include 2 Express and 4 Special Express services. Hua Hin also has its own regional airport with an expanding flight schedule, which now includes international flights to Malaysia.

With its National Parks, beautiful un-spoilt beaches, and a population of only around 7,000 people, Pranburi has managed to retain its natural beauty along with its “Old Thailand” feel. It has managed this whilst still keeping up with the modern world at a sympathetic pace. 

The area’s Tourist Development Plan encourages foreign investment that is in keeping with the region’s esthetic appeal. It rules that no new property can be built within 200 meters of the beach’s high tide line, and buildings cannot exceed 15 meters in height. These restrictions are good news for the area and for potential investors as would back up, it ensures that it shall not fall victim to the over exploitation that can be seen in many other regions.

So, what opportunities exist for potential investors? Given that Thailand maintains the sovereign right of the people to retain ownership of land, condominiums are by far the best and most popular option for foreign investors. The Condominium Act 1979 allows foreigners to own condos outright in their own name; thus, this gives the purchaser’s maximum security over their investment.

Purchasing a Pre-owned Condo

In and around the town of Pranburi there are always pre-owned condominiums for sale. Some of these buildings predate the regions Tourist Development Plan, making them esthetically less pleasing than the carefully thought-out new builds. Depending on the age of the building, there is also the possibility that the standard of build quality may not be up to the level of current projects.

Another consideration to take into account when purchasing a pre-owned condo is that of a warranty. It may be that the original builder’s warranty has expired, if it is still in date, is it transferable to a new owner? These aspects must be investigated and clearly understood prior to agreeing a transfer of ownership.

Pre-owned condos do not tend to be any cheaper than new builds. In fact, the contrary can be true, many new projects offer extensive discounts for off plan purchases. The cheaper properties can be found further away from the beach areas. There are a few older buildings in the Pranburi, inner rural environs. A 1-bedroom condo can be purchased for as little as 1.7 million Baht. Away from any local amenities, and pretty much alone with nature, it might be an isolationists dream, but for most people, wholly unsuitable.

An older style development with mountain views, has 1-bedroom, 62 square meter units for sale at 3.5 million Baht. The building has a high-rise hotel-like appearance and the available condos are on the 26th floor. A similar building with sea views is offering a 2-bedroom unit which is available for 7.5 million.

In the pre-owned property sector, there are genuine beach front buildings with 1 and 2-bedroom condos ranging from 3.5 million Baht to 13 million Baht. A 3-bedroom older development with a beach front view can be purchased for 13 million Baht, and in an area of boutique hotels, a luxury 3-bedroom condo is on sale for 35 million Baht.

Purchasing a New Build Condominium

There are many obvious advantages to purchasing a new property, particularly from a respected developer with a proven track record in design, build, and customer service. Not least, the warranties that are now offered with new purchases bring peace of mind and ongoing support to investors. In addition to this, there are significant discounts to be had when buying off projects. It also probably makes the mortgage process easier, especially if you have experts such as Simon Conn advising you on the plan and how developers think. New properties can be quite a good investment for ex-pats, even with a mortgage, if they take the right steps.

Another advantage of new properties is that quality developers will also consult with investors as to the interior design and décor of a condo once a purchase agreement has been reached. This individualizes each unit to its purchaser, and by personalizing the whole project, the investor feels more of an integral part of the process.

By contrast, when buying a pre-owned property, the purchaser may not be enamored by the décor and furnishings, if there are any. This will lead to additional costs as the purchaser then attempts to stamp their own personality on the property.

Although Pranburi is a small, and rather intimate town, within the province, there are a few new build projects underway which are in-keeping with its un-spoilt, natural beauty. There are quality projects both inland and coastal. Whatever the location, the new developments in Pranburi are designed to be in aesthetic sympathy with the surroundings.

Twenty kilometers inland from the coast there is a quality development underway consisting of 3-bedroom units for which they are offering furniture options within the sale price of 4.75 million Baht. The development is fairly isolated with mountain views, and with no shops or amenities in walking distance. The site has no permanently laid access road, so driving to the properties is a rather uncomfortable and dusty journey.

By contrast, the same developers are offering luxury properties in Pranburi at a coastal location within a gated community. The majority of the units remain available to investors with 2-bedroom properties starting at 16.5 million Baht. At the upper end, a 4-bedroom unit will cost 38.5 million Baht. There is a total of 43 properties for sale, however there are in fact only 5 with a genuine sea view.

It is apparent that some developers are holding areas of land which has been set aside for building projects to develop in the future. Their reason for holding off on building now, is due to speculation. The future projections show that quality properties in Pranburi will outstrip national and regional trends due to the rapidly growing interest in the area. Many developers will wait, then build when prices are at a premium level.

Grand Marina Pranburi

There is one significant project, which is not being held back in Pranburi. A stunning development is underway to create Thailand’s very own Riviera. The Grand Marina project is making use of unique geography, a beach front with a private canal leading directly from the sea. Along the canal a modern marina is being constructed around which quality condominiums are being built.

This is a low rise, high end project of quality for discerning investors. Capital growth and rental yields on these properties will very likely set new levels. Prices for a 1-bedroom unit start at 3.4 million Baht, 2-bedroom from 5.5 million Baht, and 3-bedroom sea view units from 10 million Baht. Each purchase has a 5-year, comprehensive warranty, along with ongoing support and management services.

This project is setting new standards and is already experiencing unprecedented interest from prospective investors. With forward thinking developments like Grand Marina, the future for Pranburi is a bright and profitable one.