Taking an Active Role in and Benefiting from Politics

I wouldn’t be a the self-made man that I am if I didn’t consistently exercise my resolution to try and find a way to extract profits out of every situation, but obviously that doesn’t mean profits must be made at all costs. Anyway, one such manner through which I saw an opportunity to extract profits out of what seems like a situation which doesn’t offer any such opportunities, is that of rallying my network of family, friends, colleagues and even rivals to have us all benefitting from politics equally and positively.

So the usual developmental path taken by politics is that politics is more divisive than it is uniting. Reactions to the resignation of Caylan Ford indicate just how divisive politics can be. I’ve witnessed first-hand how two bosom buddies who even support the same sports team go at each other over differing political views, to the point that they were one more offensive word away from having a full physical go at each other. I’m talking about myself here, but I can point to countless similar situations in which other people suffered the same mishap.

One cannot help but wonder if the entire purpose of politics is disunity so that those who are appointed to power, no matter which side of the defined argument they represent, always benefit from minimal effort – effort which is put in by you and I as the average man and woman out on the streets.

Enough of me leaning towards what sounds suspiciously like the entertainment of conspiracy theories though…

Getting back to finding a way to profit and benefit more out of politics, I decided to flip the script, rally the masses (or rather rally as much of the masses as I could manage) and come up with a concerted way of fighting back against what is often an unjust system. What I did was get in touch with all the people I’ve witnessed engaging in political debate and expressing their views and opinions and briefed them on how they should essentially stop wasting their time expressing those views for nothing – views which essentially fall on deaf ears. Instead, I suggested we all band together and form a betting club.

The idea is for each of us to literally put our money where our mouths are and depending on how many people participate in the betting club, all of us can walk away from the aftermath of a fierce political debate leading up to an important political event with a couple hundred pounds more to each of our names!

We engaged in politics betting with William Hill and still do to this day, except the agreement is that we do it as a collective instead of individually. This means that each of us wagers an equal amount on the chosen outcome of a featured political event which the bookmaker has opened up bets for, and whoever effectively wins money, that money is pooled together with all the other winnings and we either split it equally amongst all of us or we use it to fund some sort of business venture much like how venture capitalists do.