Starting an Online Business? Here Are the Best NBN Broadband Plans

If you are starting an online business, you have to make sure that you are subscribed to the best NBN plans that will foster your entrepreneurial goals. In this case, there are several factors that you need to consider and the options that you have may prove to be overwhelming. One of the most important factors to consider is internet speed. You need to make sure that you have a fast and reliable internet connection that will allow you to upload and download large files quickly, as well as access any websites you might need for your business.

If you believe that the current plan you have provides fairly good speed, you can try running a speed test to get assured about the same. If you don’t know what is a good speed test result, consider making a quick web search. As a rule of thumb, the speed shouldn’t be lower than 25mbps. If you find out that you are not getting the speed your provider had promised, this article will make it easy for you to switch to a better connection. Below are some of the best NBN broadband plans you may want to consider when starting an online business.

Best Telstra nbn™ Plan: $95 Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data nbn™ Plan

If you are starting an online business, then it may be the most viable option for you to go for a plan from one of the most established internet service providers in the telco industry that is Telstra. Telstra has a wide variety of NBN broadband plans that you can choose from for your online business and one is the Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data nbn™ plan that is priced at only $95 per month. It features unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 50Mbps, which is the same as the advertised speed of the plan. This means that this is a congestion-free plan, allowing you to enjoy its maximum speed even during peak hours when you need to operate your business.

Best Optus nbn™ Plan: $79 Optus Internet Everyday Plan

Another big name in the telco industry is Optus. With their Optus Internet Everyday plan, you only have to pay $79 per month to enjoy unlimited data and a standard speed of 50Mbps. With this plan, you will also acquire an Optus Ultra WiFi modem with 4G backup, which will prove beneficial in ensuring that you will always have an internet connection to continue running your online business smoothly. The best part is that this plan features a no-contract term, which means that you can upgrade the plan anytime you wish as your business grows to scale without worrying about having to pay for pre-termination or cancellation fees.

Best TPG nbn™ Plan: $69.99 TPG nbn™ 50 SL Bundle

If you want to make sure that your profit margin is maximised, then you have to be on top of your overhead costs. This means going for a more cost-effective plan even if the NBN provider is not one of the giants in the industry. Rest assured that TPG is making its name in the world of internet service providers because all of its plans are designed to provide value to its subscribers. For instance, you can go for their TPG nbn™ 50 SL Bundle priced at only $69.66 a month. With this plan, you will already get to enjoy unlimited data and 50Mbps standard speed. If you choose a BYO modem, there are also no start-up fees.

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Final Word

There are various NBN broadband plans available in the market today. However, the best NBN plans for a business will still be dependent on your specific needs and preferences. So take a look at the plans listed above and see whether any of these will prove to be beneficial in fostering your business goals.