Shared Ownership Homes to keep your eye on in 2021

Shared Ownership is a great way to buy a home especially if you want to get on the property ladder quickly and without the hefty upfront payments. Allowing you to part-buy, part-rent, you only put down a deposit on the portion you want to buy, meaning you won’t have to worry about saving up for another lifetime to afford that 10% deposit. You can also buy more of your property over time allowing you to move up the property ladder, without  moving at all. The scheme is government backed and with brand new homes, apartments and detached houses on the market there’s lots of reasons to get in the know about this house buying method.

Shared ownership and beachy views

Just because you’re buying a home that is costing you less than renting, doesn’t mean you can get something by the seaside with a touch of luxury. Shared Ownership Brighton & Hove offers short walks to the beach, a quick journey into the town centre and the bright vibrant community that this South Easterly region is well known for. Certainly worth keeping your eye on if you fancy living in this seaside town, Shared Ownership homes in Brighton is a great opportunity for any first time buyer.

Shared Ownership and the busy commuter

If you are a London commuter that wants an easy route into the city but still needs a place to settle down and invest in a property then Shared Ownership homes in Dartford may be for you. With seamless links by train into the centre and the Ebbsfleet Garden Village on your doorstep boasting all the bars, restaurants and shopping facilities to let off some steam, you couldn’t be better connected. Shared Ownership homes in Essex is also a great option for the commuter with less than an hour to the centre of London but still the benefits of being wrapped in countryside charm, these shared ownership spots are great for any busy young professional looking for the right balance in life.

Shared Ownership and rural charm

While this scheme is becoming increasingly popular in places like London, shared ownership within the more rural areas is also really taking off. Shared Ownership homes in Surrey provide all the farmers markets, meadow views and quaint village life that you could ever want from a rural home and in addition to this you’re not too far from London either. Guildford is the biggest town and with its own castle and historical surroundings, for something a little quieter, shared ownership homes in Surrey is a great place to settle down.

Central City living with Shared Ownership

If living at the heart of the bustling city is more your thing, then look no further than Shared Ownership homes in Tower Hamlets. Just on the other side of London Bridge and home to the Tower of London, this central London location really is central. Home also to top rated schools and a plethora of bars and restaurants, if London living is what you love you’ll love shared ownership Tower Hamlets.