Online Trading versus Sports Betting

It’s very rare these days to go through the scripted terrace laid out for us and be able to say that you enjoy above average financial success. For a while now the scripted path of going to college, paying off your debt and working hard just hasn’t been cutting it, because very soon the greater speed at which the market is moving will not only catch up to you, but leave you behind. As a result, people are always seeking opportunities to better their financial situations, which unfortunately can lead to disappearing down what often turns out to be the rabbit hole of online trading.

Fundamentally there is nothing at all wrong with trading something like CFDs online, but when we compare what online trading is made out to be with an alternative such as sports betting, not only do we find that something like sports betting, from websites like fun 88, perhaps makes for a better option, but we also find that there are many peripheral “services” around online trading where the real money is being made. Unfortunately not much, if any, of that money actually goes to the guy who is only seeking to expand their income generation horizons through trading.

The similarities between online trading and online sports betting

There is one major similarity between trading online and betting on sports online. I specifically chose to compare online trading with online sports betting and not with universal betting on an online casino, because the introduction of a casino into the comparison would defeat the purpose of the point I’m trying to make. So that one major similarity is that essentially you’re taking a punt on a specific predicted outcome, with the possible payout you’d get as a result of your correct guess depending on the odds offered by the platform over which you’re placing your “bets”. So yes, even when it comes to trading, just like Sports betting, it is indeed a BET that you make, because as was relayed in the popular Wolf of Wall Street movie, nobody knows if a stock is going to go up or down. And if you are a beginner, just like stock trading and investing guides, there are several sports betting guides like BettingAmerica as resources.

It’s a guess. If all the brokers who are trying to recruit clients to trade on their platforms knew where stocks were going to move for sure, they would have put all their money down and silently raked in huge profits!

Another comparison is that the companies offering the ability to buy stocks or bet on sports will be using specialised software to track the risk of each investment made, as well as being able to manage any stocks on sale or bets available. Online bookies may utilise a pay per head software or something similar to track bets made by users, as well as the risk of any bets they may offer. Companies who sell shares will likely use something similar to this, to offer a similar service to their clients.

The differences?

This swiftly brings us to the differences between trading on a popular online platform versus placing bets on a sports betting platform such as Sportpesa UK. Personally I think you’re better off going with the sports betting option, simply because if you lose then you know exactly why you lost – i.e. the team you said was going to win didn’t in fact win. With online trading the share prices you bet on are influenced by the magnetic fields of some faraway galaxy celestial bodies, for all you know, so you have absolutely no idea what leads to your money essentially disappearing!

There’s no such thing as huge sums of money being wiped off an online sports book, whereas something like that happens with the online traded markets…