Negative Online Reviews Can Destroy Your e-commerce Company

As much as positive reviews can help scale up your business and bring you more customers, your e-commerce can also crash just with a few negative online reviews. That’s because many people believe what customers who have patronized you overtime have to say about your product and services more than whatever branding or advertisement you might have put up for the same. More than that, negative reviews tend to get more views and attention from new customers than positive ones. While this is rightly unfair, it only calls for caution in how you manage your online reputation. An online reputation management service like could make you take better note of your customer feedback and work on it to further your customer’s experience.

Why Customers Drop Negative Reviews

Every business depends on continuous patronage for survival. Once an establishment fails to keep getting buyers for its products, it begins to record losses and inevitably, will have to close down. Online reviews that are not well-managed can send many potential customers away and make the business standstill. Here are a few reasons people drop negative online reviews.

  1. The disparity between what you claim on your e-commerce site and what you ship to your customer
  2. Delay in delivery and complicated payment platform
  3. Inferior products – you should not expect your customers to spare you on this one. Everyone expects and loves quality items.
  4. Lack of effective communication can be as simple as not sending the right email at the right time.
  5. Terrible customer relations. Many customers can be unforgiving when it comes to this because they believe they are spending their money and so, you should treat them well.
  6. Difficulty in accessing your e-commerce website can also leave your customers frustrated.

How To Manage Your Online Reviews

Since negative online reviews can ruin your e-commerce business, it becomes vital that you manage it effectively. You cannot avoid some below-average comments and feedback, but you should aim at satisfying the majority of your customers. These tips should help in meeting this target.

  1. Give your best into whatever product you are selling or service you are rendering. No matter how good your customer relationship is if your product quality is subpar, you cannot but continuously receive backlashes from your consumers
  2. Avoid raising the expectation of your clients beyond your capacity. Simply put, be honest. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver than to do the opposite
  3. Be quick to respond to customers’ queries and complaints. Ideally, you would need a dedicated and professional online reputation management agency to handle it if your business is significant.
  4. Take your relationship beyond the business and get close to your clients by offering useful advice on their daily activities.
  5. Be part of the discussion to refute claims that are not true from customers
  6. Consider implementing technological solutions like automated review systems (similar to those mentioned at that may automatically request a review after the most recent interaction with the client as well as track and monitor your reviews.

Parting Shot

Reviews are essential both to consumers and business owners. As an e-commerce business owner, you have to guide how the outside world sees your brand and services by controlling (to some large extent) the kind of comments people write about you. If you make quality your priority and treat every customer with respect, you shouldn’t find it challenging to garner positive reviews from them.