Making the Most of a Trade Show

Even though technology has changed the way marketing is performed, some cornerstones of advertising are never going to change. One of these comes in the form of trade show displays. These trade shows provide companies and businesses with the rare opportunity to interact with potential customers and clients in a one-on-one setting and in-person. This will never be accomplished through internet marketing, social media marketing, or even television commercials. Clearly, trade shows are a valuable marketing opportunity. In order to make the most of this opportunity, it is critical to stand out from the rest of the booths that might be present. If interested, you can always reach out to experts such as the ones at David G. Flatt, LTD (learn more about David G. Flatt here) or similar companies with equal caliber. If not, there are a few alternative ways to make this happen which include:

Make the Trade Show Display as Consistent as Possible

When someone comes and visits a booth, it is critical that he or she remembers what the overall message was. In order to make this happen, consistency is key. When businesses attend a trade show, there are going to be multiple teams involved. The company’s sales team, marketing team, and even executive staff are going to be involved. It is easy for everyone to say something different, which can lead to an inconsistent message being communicated.

If this happens, customers and visitors are only going to end up confused. Therefore, make sure that the theme of the company, its “brand,” is consistent from start to finish. This includes free items that might be given away, images that could be used, and trade show displays such as banners.

Show Visitors What the Company Does

While giving away free items is nice, those who truly want to make an impression need to be clear about what the company does. It is important for visitors to the trade show booth to walk away with a clear idea of how the company can meet their needs. Because most companies that attend trade shows are not going to have the international fame of large companies like Apple, visitors are going to want to know how the company is going to meet their needs. You can do this by handing out leaflets and flyers printed with a company like Printivity so that people who don’t have time to talk to you can still get the information they need.

When companies are clear about what their mission is and what they do, they invite people to ask questions. This is good because it shows that the audience is interested in learning more. This is how companies can build relationships at trade shows, generating leads that may turn into customers.

Keep the Mood Light

Yes, this is a business trip, so it is important to be professional. At the same time, don’t be afraid to lighten the mood a little bit. When companies are serious, they run the risk of being boring and repetitive. This is a good way for the trade show display to blend in too well and become forgettable.

Injecting a sense of humor and fun into the display will lighten the mood a little bit. Play games with the audience. Bring food and drinks to give away. Think about other ways to engage the audience. This is going to help a trade show booth stand out from the pack. Make sure the show is as engaging as possible.

Making the Most of a Trade Show

In order to make the most of a trade show opportunity, companies need to do everything they can to stand out. Communicating a consistent message about what the company does with a sense of joy will make this happen.