Mac Broken? Need some Money? Just Sell Your Mac To These Channels

If you got a broken Mac or you just need some pocket money, you can sell your Mac. Not many know, however, to whom should they sell their Macbook to. This article will tell you the people or the organization you can sell your Mac to. Do continue with this if you want to sell your Macbook.

You can sell it to a total stranger, like many people usually would

This is the most common occurrence when it comes to selling things. Many people who see or who will see your items (if you have already advertised it by an online storefront), would be strangers to you. Most of the time, they do not know who you are. They are just interested in the price that you have listed and the condition of your Mac.

The only thing you can do with them is to be courteous. At the same time, however, you need to be confident in your selling skills. Entice the potential buyer so that she or he will pry the Mac out of your hand for a pile of cash. Be really honest with the condition of your Mac so that the buyer will not feel ripped off. Spare some time for them if they ask about the things that the MacBook can do. In short: prepare to be a sort of a customer support for them until they get the hang of things.

There are websites where you can sell your used Macbook

For some reason, there are websites that are willing to buy used Macbooks. Nobody knows for what reason, but they exist in the world. One of the websites where you can just sell your Mac is at

Each website got their own benefits, and Macback is only one website. There are still lots of them, and a quick search on the web will lead you to many of them. Just be sure to read their policies before you make the deal. Of course, you could also check out Backflip ( to see how much they would be offering for your Macbook. Make sure to shop around and find the best offer.

Apple got a nice return policy for your used Macbook

If you do not trust other people or other websites, you can turn to Apple and trade in your used Macbook for an Apple gift card or two. While it is technically not selling, you can still use that Apple Gift Card to buy other Apple related things. The pros and cons are clear here: Apple will give you the best price for the used Macbook, but you will only able to spend the ‘money’ you got on the Apple store. Either way, Apple will benefit from you. If you do not want support Apple’s capitalistic way, then avoid this one at all cost.

There are Apple resellers, too

Apple resellers are a sort of a broker where you can ‘lend’ your MacBook to be sold by them. Because Apple resellers often act as a broker, you cannot just sell your Mac that instant because you need someone else to come to that broker and buy the item for you.