Lucky in Love, Even Luckier at Online Cards

You may have heard the idiom “Lucky at cards, unlucky in love”. Well, why not have both when you play cards online. Creating an account with Blitz Poker will allow you to save on the time spent commuting to a venue and allow you more time to spend with your loved one. Alternatively, why not consider playing the game together within the comfort of your own home. Playing together might prove a winning combination in every sense. We shall explore some ways that you can make online poker your perfect date.

Movie Connection

Many people relate card-playing and games such as poker to the movie situation. We all love movies and so why not invite your date around for a game of online poker. You can experience it together. You can be that James Bond character in Casino Royale who shows your date just how to win at cards. This is sure to be impressive, but to really seal the deal, make sure to wear a fragrance by True Pheromones. James Bond always gets the girl, and so can you with this neat little trick.

Home Comforts

With it not being a good idea or lawful to drink and drive, you can drink at home while enjoying a game of online cards. Neither you nor your date needs to worry about who is going to drive because the other wants to drink alcohol. You can both share a bottle of wine as you try out online poker. You can have learned the rules and so be the guiding hand. Together, you can experience the fun and excitement that the online casino environment has to offer while maintaining privacy within one of your homes.

Plans for the Winnings

Why not add an extra dimension to the playing experience and say what you will do with the winnings if together you prove successful at winning hands. Of cards, that is. You could plan to go to an expensive restaurant to spend the winnings. All will not be lost if you fail in your mission to win because you can always spend the time having a romantic meal together at home, after another game of online cards, of course. It is a no-lose situation from a romantic point of view.

Shared Hobby

Very often first dates stay as just that because there is no shared hobby to enjoy. When you introduce your date to online cards, with your money at stake rather than there’s, the lure of it providing free entertainment is surely one that they will find hard to refuse. It may not end up an expensive date, either, if you can improve on your stake. The only drawback, of course, is that your lover may well want a share of your winnings. This is unlikely to be the case the other way around if you lose, but if you win their love it will be well worth the gamble.

Playing online cards can be an alternative to playing music that you both enjoy listening to. A better alternative if your musical tastes differ.

Building up the Excitement

Sometimes, it can be necessary to build excitement. You need to first find an activity to provide the initial excitement to then continue it in other ways. Perhaps both of you have a common interest in a role-playing card game such as Magic the Gathering. If so, to build up excitement, you can find sources where you can collect MTG arena codes and plan a game date where you can play together. On a similar note, online poker is guaranteed to provide excitement. There is nothing like the suspense of waiting on the turn of a card when lots of things can be at stake. The size of the engagement ring, for instance.

Competition Between Lovers

We can all benefit from healthy competition and to share it playing online poker with someone close to us can add another level of enjoyment. We can also, in a sense, be competing against each other in deciding the best strategy needed to win each game. We may both have read different strategies and tips for playing the game successfully and then bring those together when we play. Two heads are supposed to be better than one, after all.

During several romantic dates, we could take it in turns to make the decisions regarding poker games to see who is achieving the best results. It then becomes a double competition between those other players and ourselves. Never has online cards been more exciting an option to amuse ourselves. We just need to decide on the time to switch off the computer before things go too far.

So, some ways that we can share online cards with a loved one and improve our dating experience. It gives us that extra incentive to win some money so that we can treat them to more shared experiences.