How Your Business can benefit from the current Crackdown on Plastic Bags

The constantly changing business landscape means you must endeavour more now than ever to differentiate your company from your competition. Cotton bags are one way you can improve your businesses sustainability.

One way you can stand out from the crowd is to have a strong environmental stance. Perhaps your business could benefit from adopting cotton reusable bags.

Ditch the Plastic to get ahead of the curve

It’s a given that plastic bags are cheaper to produce than their reusable counterparts; and in many cases it may be a simple financial decision to opt for plastic if your business demands it. However cotton bags provide more than just what your customer carries the product home, they add to the overall buyer experience and research suggests that this can create a more bespoke experience for consumers. Ditch the plastic in favour of cotton bags to avoid the negative brand image that goes with it. When it comes to environmental certifications and iso compliance, your company is bound to benefit from this move.

Use the reusable Cotton Bags to market your business

Your marketing is intricately linked to the physical representation of your business. This ranges from both your products, offices, stores, signage, packaging and yes, the bags you use. Why not tie your packaging into your brand identity?

Doing so will create a subconscious link for your customers between environmental sustainability and buying from your company. Additionally cotton bags also provide a great carrier for logos and other forms of physical branding; the reusability means that people more people will be exposed to your brand than if you simply marketed on a plastic one.

Be wary of coming across as disingenuous

You may be familiar with the term greenwashing. This refers to when businesses try to market themselves as sustainable whilst only really providing vague statements about what it is they are actually doing. Not only is this bad practice it could also leave your company open to legal action down the line.

So when you do market your introduction of cotton bags as an environmental measure be sure to be 100% transparent with your customers. They will appreciate the honesty in the long run and continue to come back time and time again.

That being said make sure if you are taking steps towards a more sustainable business that you shout it from the rooftops because your customers will certainly want to hear it. Of course, make sure you are environmentally compliant with regard to phase 1 esa requirements first, and then do the marketing! Don’t forget that most of the time a more sustainable business is also a more profitable one!

Find a high quality supplier of Cotton Bags

Having a strong sustainability plan is becoming more important for businesses given current public sentiment and this is likely to continue into the future as the impact of climate change and disposable products become apparent.

If you are ready to take the steps towards a greener business make sure you find an ethical supplier to promote sustainability throughout your supply chain. Cotton Bag Co have experience providing supplies of cotton bags to a huge range of businesses; get in contact today to give your business a new lease of baggage life.