How will automated parcel service evolve going forward

Parcel Delivery, also known as package delivery is the process of delivering shipping containers, or packages as well as high-value mails. In parcel delivery, the packages are delivered as a single shipment. Package delivery services are offered mostly by postal service companies: private courier service providers and express mail among other firms. It is beneficial to the e-commerce sector. As more e-commerce companies begin to serve people from different geographical regions, the need for advancements in parcel delivery became necessary. For more efficiency and faster services, the industry introduced automated parcel delivery.

What is an automated parcel delivery?

Automated parcel delivery is similar to regular parcel delivery, except for the fact that humans do not do it. For instance, some companies use robots or drones to deliver parcels. It is a form of automated parcel delivery. This is a relatively recent advancement in the parcel delivery sector. The phenomenon is currently gaining more public approval as compared to the time when it was introduced.

The future of automated parcel delivery

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest rising sectors in the globe. Research shows that in the next five years from the year 2020, the industry is likely to experience an increase from 3.3 trillion sales recorded in the year 2019 up to 6.7 trillion sales globally. As the industry continues to grow, the need for better delivery systems and channels increases as well. Therefore, the advancement in parcel delivery systems is relative to the increase in the number of e-commerce sales.

For the above reasons, parcel delivery service providers like FedEx are looking towards making more improvements to their automated service delivery systems. For instance, the company is currently working hard towards ensuring that its delivery bots and drones are independent of human control or manual control. The company is now testing out this version of the drones.

According to players in the industry, the parcel delivery industry is bound to introduce autonomous ground vehicles in the next few years. This advancement will go hand in hand with the introduction of parcel lockers. Statistics show that these innovations will result in up to forty percent reduction in the cost of parcel delivery. While technology will benefit urban areas, it will be useful to rural areas as well. Moreover, by using a self driving truck, the transportation time can also reduce, making the logistics and freight industry more efficient in their work process. It can positively impact the world economy.

3D technology is also bound to change the way parcel delivery works. It means that instead of delivering the finished products, the companies will only have to deliver the blueprint to the product. The blueprint instructions will be sent through email. It will then be fed to a 3D printer at the client’s home or business, which will print out the exact item. The accomplishment of this technological advancement will completely redefine the process of delivery.

Bottom Line

While service providers are eagerly looking towards these improvements, they will only become successful if the general population accepts it. For instance, the general population must be invested in 3D technology and have an accepting attitude towards it for 3D parcel delivery to thrive.