How to Make Your Warehouse Less Wasteful?

Business often focus on money coming in – but what about the money going out? Yes sales are important, but so are efficiencies. Whether you are looking to increase automation, or change around the logistics solutions that you utilise, here we look at how to make your warehouse less wasteful and hence more productive.


People fear the so called “rise of the machines”, but a modern and efficient warehouse cannot really afford to run without at least some degree of automation. Add to the increased productivity factors such as no sick days, reliability etc. and you can soon see why. However there will always be a need for…


The employees are the cornerstone of any business and can certainly be a significant factor in the success/failure of the same. You will need to invest in your employees to ensure that their productivity levels are maximised through education, training, and continued development.


One way of thinking about it is to think lazy. By that it’s meant that if everything is in the right place at the right time, then you can simply get it when needed. No time or effort is wasted looking, and therefore you’re being “lazy”. This not only applies to tools, pallets etc. but also to paperwork, office equipment and even people. When everything is in the right place, things work better.


Space costs money, and therefore unused or underutilized space is wasted money. Think about using the space you have better, or if possible, reducing the space you need. In a warehouse this will mean vertical space too – use every inch whilst still ensuring that there is a dynamic fluidity to movement around the premises. To achieve this, the use of machinery will support the fluidity of the environment by making sure storage is tight and products are put where they need to be. Using mechanical platforms as well as forklifts can help with this process, so it is important to make sure that they are working to their fullest capacity with constant maintenance and repair ( when needed.


Logistics solutions are how your warehouse functions, from receiving orders, to picking through to delivery. If this is a free-flowing operation no time, effort and therefore no money is wasted. You need to think of the process from commencement to execution.


Where do you keep things that are not constantly in use? At what level do you keep them? Do you require any ladders to reach certain storage items? If yes, Platforms and Ladders has some of the nicest Rolling Ladders to help workers quickly access items on higher levels of storage. Though one factor to remember is that storage does come with a cost. If a piece of equipment is being stored, it takes space, it is not generating any money when it’s inanimate. So assess if some items being stored are worth storing. Furthermore, make sure your storage space is secure and made from a strong material. If you are storing food for example, you will want the containers absolutely air-tight in order to protect the product and keep away pests. Pests such as rodents like to form around items that are left for a long time, which could possibly result in a call to the pest control sherman services that are available (or pest control wherever your storage space is). Automated storage can also get you what you need quicker, meaning less time spent waiting for an item to come out of storage.

As the owner of a warehouse, the need to eliminate waste is constant. It is not simply a project that you should from time to time consider. You need to be reviewing efficiencies and evaluating returns on a regular basis. Increases in productivity means a greater return on your investments and less waste. Increased efficiency, be it through automation or personal development, is a great way of ensuring success. If you consider the “waste” in a monetary sense you’ll probably pay more attention to eliminating it. So why not start addressing the problem today, to ensure a brighter future for your business.