How To Make Your Home Worth More

When the time comes to sell your home, it makes sense to get the most money you can for it, especially if you have a mortgage and you need to pay it off before committing to your next property. You might think that market forces will determine the cost of your property, and although this is generally true, there are tasks you can carry out that will increase that market value.

Do All The Jobs

Those little jobs that have been on your to do list for an age could be detrimental to your property’s value. Depending on what there is to do, the price could increase by a few thousand, paying you back for the time and money you will spend on the projects. Make sure you have a fully working:

  • Boiler and heating system
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Electrics

These are the most important elements as if these are all up to date and working well, whoever buys your property knows they don’t have to spend out – they can just move in. This will entice them to offer more.

Make It Bigger

In many cases, it wouldn’t be possible to make a property any bigger in reality, or it would be a costly exercise if you could have an extension. However, there are ways you can make your property appear bigger which will certainly help with your sale price.

To start with, clear the clutter. The more cluttered a property is, the smaller it will seem, even if the rooms are large. Viewers are coming to see your property, not your home – this means that they need to be able to see the proportions of a room, not your possessions in it. The more you can clear, the better (and since you are going to be moving anyway, it’s a good way to start packing up).

Another way to make your home bigger is to add an Armstrong Steel building to the yard. Whether this is used as a storeroom, workshop, office or den, you have effectively created another room in your home. This will make it more attractive to buyers, plus it will boost the sale price.

Curb Appeal

The first thing people do when they are looking for a new property is to go online and search through the property portals and websites. The images that are on there are vitally important – the better your property looks; the more likely people are going to want to see it. So, the more people you have through the door, the more chance there is of a sale.

Start with the driveway itself. If it’s looking like it’s seen better days, getting a local Lynchburg paving company to come and install a new driveway could make a big difference to the overall look of the exterior. A messy frontage with an overgrown path and a peeling front door is not a pleasant thing to look at either, and the photos on the websites will not entice people to want to see the property. Even if they are interested, it certainly won’t make them want to pay more for the house, and they may wonder what other problems they will have to deal with. If you have a large lawn to maintain, you may want to check out a professional service (like this – in your local area to begin making the improvements to the exterior of your home that will really be noticed by potential buyers. Simply by tidying up the yard and making sure the front of the property looks attractive, you can gain more money for it, so it is something that is worth doing.