How To Make Money Online As A Teenager

The days of mowing your neighbor’s lawn for extra money are pretty much over. Paper routes are non-existent as people don’t read them anymore. And that summer job at the golf course simply does not pay enough.

Instead, teenagers should be looking online to make their money. Whether they are looking for some spending money for the weekend or trying to put themselves through college, there are a lot of options for teens. These days you can even make money from your mobile from anywhere. When we chastise a teen for being on the phone all day, maybe they are actually making money!

Some online jobs are actually scams, though so it pays to be vigilant.

In this article, I will go over several legitimate ways to make money online for teens.

Buy Bitcoin

This method is admittedly risky. Anything involving currency trading, whether it is cryptocurrency or fiat comes with the real possibility of losing one’s money.

The savvy teen may be able to navigate some of the hazards and successfully make some money by buying and holding or trading Bitcoin, especially if you know that you can also bitcoin kaufen paypal ohne registrierung (buy bitcoin paypal without registration) to increase your success further.

To control this, you may want to think about acquiring a digital wallet. If you know how to buy Bitcoin on cash app then that is a good option to get started.

You can keep the Bitcoin in your digital wallet and watch the value rise. Or you can be something like a day trader and buy and sell when you see some opportunities. However, for that, you might have to gather knowledge regarding Bitcoin exchange platforms like CryptoSpot, which can help you find the best place to buy/sell Bitcoins.

Start a blog

Blogging as a business is good for people of any age. As a teen without the responsibilities of a full time job and raising a family, it can be a fantastic opportunity to build something valuable.

A blog can be monetized through affiliate commissions which are fees paid to you when somebody buys a product you recommend through your link. If you are a member of the affiliate network for a company like Amazon, then you make money every time somebody makes a purchase within a certain time frame.

Another way to make money is by ad placement. Build your traffic and target the right audience and you could see substantial earnings through ads.

Sell textbooks

You probably have a few textbooks lying around and so do your friends. You can take those books and sell them through online textbook brokers. You can make more than just a few dollars a month if you take it seriously and scour thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.

Chances are you live near a university where there are plenty of students that have textbooks that they are no longer using.

Print on demand apparel

There are a few print on demand companies these days that allow you to upload images when you are a member and when one of your designs sells, they ship it for you. In other words, if they are a t-shirt company, you could be the designer and not ever need to pay for them to be printed or have any stock on hand to ship. All you have to do is design.

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