How big is the European online gambling industry?

Gambling is a huge business. The market of Gambling is estimated at a Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of EUR 91.8bn during 2017. The global online gambling and betting market is primarily boosted by an increasing adoption of high-speed internet services due to this overall demand for live streaming of sports and games videos through mobile devices is growing at a very high rate and provides players from the global online gambling and betting market the opportunity to add their betting services into live streams directly. It also makes more sense that people are choosing to gamble online when you’re to think about some of the bonuses one can attain when choosing to gamble online, such as the free spins on registration found on various online casino platforms. There’s even helpful information available on the internet, like this rnewbie guide to online gambling, to help people who are thinking about starting out with this hobby learn a few things before they get online. The Online Gambling market can subsequently be divided into Casino, Sports Betting, Lotto and other gambling products. Online Lottery and poker are also likely to be potentially beneficial to the overall market’s growth. iLottery is one of the best online game you can find and this iLottery review can also justify this.

Every online casino is trying to provide better user interface and interactions by developing comprehensive online gambling and betting solution. The global gambling industry has been steadily growing and there are websites in countries all around the world, such as Indonesia for example, where is situs judi online terpercaya indonesia (Indonesia’s trusted online gambling site). But it is really developing at a fast pace in Europe and is still developing, even though it’s growth is made somewhat unpredictable by regulatory pressure exerted in disparate states across Europe.

Gambling in Europe

The European market is by far the largest market for online gambling. The European online gambling market is estimated to produce a GGR of about €16.5 billion and is expected to grow steadily to a whopping €24.9 billion by 2020. This success is mainly due to to the high level of internet penetration across Europe and the relentless entrepreneurial creativity of European operators, pushing the industry forward through constant innovation. This region in marked by the presence of a large number of online operators for gambling and betting, and several of its countries hold favorable regulatory environments conducive to the growth of the market.

Europe’s online gambling is going through the transactional period where you will see a number of important changes due to new regulations. More EU countries officially regulated their online gambling markets, while other countries acknowledged the importance of the introduction of proper regulations in relation to the provision of this type of service.

The U.K. is especially expected to play a key role the European market, regulators toughened their stances and launched crackdowns on violators of the main regulatory principles of their countries and we expect that in 2018 more reforms will likely be added. Additionally, Asia Pacific is expected to contribute a steady revenue stream in the global online gambling industry over the coming years, due to a growing demand for online betting and gambling portals and the easing up of regulatory norms for these online portals. The market for global gambling and betting in Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.9% in terms of revenue, from 2016 to 2024. Conversely, a heavy restriction on online gambling and betting in the U.S. has resulted in a severe loss for market players in North America. This region is expected grow at a much slower pace than others.