Flexible working works for the legal industry too

The days of a rigid 9-5 working pattern are slowly fading in several industries, with flexible working becoming more common amongst workers of all ages. This trend of flexible working is also growing amongst law firms and lawyers themselves. With training available at websites like https://www.advantedge-training.com/managing-remote-employees/, it is starting to feel like managing employees from afar is not the impossible task it once was.

Whilst being a lawyer has historically demanded working long hours, the changing face of technology and the ability to work remotely is beginning to change the belief that office-based workers are more efficient.

Not only are the demands of workers changing, but so are the demands of clients, and life for many simply doesn’t fit 9-5 anymore. Take a look at some of the ways flexible working is working for those in the legal industry:

Lawyers are working smarter

We’ve all heard the term “work smarter, not harder” but those in the legal industry are starting to really take on smarter working to ensure they aren’t working longer hours.

Flexible working offers lawyers more control over their time and how they are allocating it, with many reporting that working remotely is more efficient as there are fewer office distractions. The opportunity to work on your terms can also lead to a boost in morale and productivity due to having a work/life balance that is fulfilling to each individual. Implementation of a Hybrid Workplace could also help lawyers to go a long way to overcome employee hurdles.

Firms are embracing change

There has been a growing number of firms offering a range of working options which allow for a better work/life balance, and this is particularly true to the South of England.

More and more we are seeing vacancies being advertised that offer positions that are just three days a week or 5 days part time, with others offering working from home options and other benefits. This has opened up new possibilities for lawyers who are looking for a bit more flexibility.

Remote doesn’t mean working from home

It is a myth that flexible/remote working simply means working from home. As long as they are available via live video, voice chat, or real-time messaging, remote working allows lawyers to work pretty much anywhere that isn’t their office, which could range from their living room to a coffee shop down the road.

The ability to work remotely means that lawyers can now work from their client’s if they feel that this would be beneficial and would help to grow that relationship. This shows clients that the team are readily available to give them the support that they need, which gives some bonus points for trust.
More lawyers are making the move into the world of remote working, and many legal consultancy and resourcing firms happily embrace this as a regular part of their workplace culture. Flexible working is now a more popular, and efficient choice for many business and individuals, so it’s worth considering.