Financial and Business News Websites You Can Trust in 2021

There is no question that 2020 was a surprising year for many investors. Not many people expected Wall Street to rebound from the two market corrections caused by the harsh announcement about the novel coronavirus becoming a pandemic, but that was exactly what ended up happening. Market analysts and economists are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how the market was able to strongly recover in such a short time, and the potential of a market correction unfolding in the near future is still strong.

In 2021, staying on top of financial news and market intelligence is more important than ever because there is still a great deal of uncertainty with regard to the recovery of the global economy. Investors always need to be well-informed, but they also need to fully trust their news sources. The publication and information providers listed below are the kind you should be subscribing to as you try to navigate the markets this year:

The Wall Street Journal

You can never go wrong with the flagship publication of the Dow Jones Media empire. Believe it or not, The WSJ is one of the most widely read newspapers in the United States despite its focus on business and financial markets; this can be explained by its comprehensive international news coverage and editorial pieces, which over the years have earned dozens of Pulitzer Prizes. While many WSJ readers tend to be passive investors who favor conservative investing strategies, the financial news coverage is dynamic enough to be appreciated by active investors and even day traders.

S&P Global

Serious investors looking for information that can help them take positions on the market will certainly appreciate getting their financial news from S&P Global; after all, this is the media company responsible for producing valuable data such as the S&P 500 benchmark index. In November 2020, S&P Global completed a merger transaction with IHS Markit, a very respected provider of business, financial, and technical information. As these two companies consolidate their data products in 2021, we will likely see more subscription options and value-added propositions in terms of financial news.

Seeking Alpha

This online publication has garnered a reputation of mostly catering to speculators and day traders who thrive on technical analysis, but this is not a fair description. Dozens upon dozens of Seeking Alpha authors strictly adhere to fundamental analysis, and many of them advocate conservative styles of investing such as managing compound interest portfolios. The trick to getting the most out of Seeking Alpha is to pay close attention when reading the biographies and reviews of the analysts you choose to follow; some of them are professional researchers and accountants who publish their work as a means of marketing their services. A nice feature of this website is that many authors can set up a mock portfolio that you can peruse to see how their analyses have turned out; plus, the editorial opinions on socioeconomic developments tend to be thoughtful and open-minded.