Do Yourself a Favor: Work Hard and Play Hard!

We’ve all heard that phrase countless times, and most of us dismiss it as a silly saying that doesn’t really apply to anyone’s reality. Most people do indeed work hard, but after a long day at the office, they come home and sit in front of the TV, armed with a greasy take-away and a few cans of beer. At weekends, you catch up with friends and may even party occasionally, however, that could hardly be classified as “playing hard.”

This subject has been close to my heart for many years, particularly at college, where tons of people just drift through and barely make it through their exams. When they enter the workforce, they are completely shell-shocked when they realize that they actually have to work hard.

I Am a Self-Confessed Maximizer

I guess it’s always been in my nature to maximize on everything I do. Whatever the task, unless I give 120% I’m not satisfied. Luckily, this attitude not only dominates my work life, it also reigns all my leisure activity and time off. Consequently, whenever I work, I work really hard, and, whenever I play, I play really hard. Does it work? You bet, it does! And here is why:

The Obvious Perks of Hard Work

Anyone will tell you that working hard will help you to improve your life, further your career, make you more money, and give you more satisfaction. Your career choice matters little and applies, even when you are in a “dead-end” job in which case you might invest your hard work attitude into finding a better job.

Not only will your star rise quickly, everyone around you will appreciate you, and you will be far happier and ultimately more satisfied.

The Importance of Playing Hard

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault you for being tired on a Friday night, I just question whether spending the weekend doing nothing, in particular, will actually help you to relax. I bet come Sunday afternoon, you are already thinking about work the next day. Binge-watching your favorite box-set or getting drunk two nights in a row and waking up with a ringing hangover twice won’t do much for your quality of life either.

What I suggest is for you to pack your weekend with your favorite activities and invest time and effort in the planning thereof. Think of your weekend as 48 hours of fun and exhilaration rather than just time to relax. What precisely that fun entails is entirely up to you, as long as you maximize on the enjoyment factor and squeeze every second out of your weekend.

The Quality of Your Work Improves When You Play Hard

By optimizing your enjoyment of the weekend, you are virtually guaranteed to put in a better week’s work when you get back to the office on Monday morning. Not only will your head be completely cleared, but you will also be facing the joyous prospect of planning yet another awesome weekend.

Joking aside, many people could seriously do with adapting this approach. Rather than sitting around all weekend “resting” and doing neglected chores, you ought to create the enjoyment that you deserve. Consider it a well-deserved reward for all your hard work and watch yourself relaxing and feeling all the more enthusiastic.

Play Hard, Work Hard – The Perfect Work-Life Balance!

In my experience, working hard and playing hard really provide the perfect work-life balance. If you are not convinced, I suggest you try it for a couple of weekends, just as an experiment. My guess is that you will never go back to the good old “movie and beer” weekends!

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