Dealing with a Chaotic Environment During a Trade Show

It is exciting to attend a trade show because you know that a lot of people are coming. It is the chance to meet with potential customers and ask them to buy what you offer. The problem is that some trade shows could be too crowded, and beyond control. You cannot even speak with one person without someone passing by and disturbing the conversation.

Before the show is over, you realise that you did not have the chance to genuinely talk with a potential customer or change someone’s mind. These tips will help you deal with such a chaotic environment and achieve your goals.

Design the booth properly

You need to have a festive booth to attract people to come and see what you offer. However, you also need an area where you can bring interested individuals and speak with them in private. You can set it up in a way that there is a private space that you can separate from the other booths to bring extra attention to your business. When setting up your trade show booth, you can look for exhibit rentals that may also provide you with trade show displays for rent, including counters, workstations, monitor stands, and kiosks. This could help you come up with the theme for your trade show exhibit and execute it without having to rely on multiple suppliers.

Join the game

If you cannot beat the noise, you need to be a part of that noise. Find people in your team who have the energy to match the other companies. You want them to be enticing. They need to keep bringing people to your corner to at least find out the name of your company and the products you sell. Besides, if you stay quiet and decide not to join the fun, you will not convince anyone. While there is no way that you can speak with all the attendees, if you have the chance to convince a couple of people through a private discussion, it will help a lot. Otherwise, people will see you as a company that does not seem interested in participating.

Use flyers, exhibition stands, and displays

In a trade show where there are hundreds or even thousands of people, you cannot rely on discussions to deliver results. You can offer flyers and brochures though so that people will read more details about your company if they feel interested. You can also set up an exhibition stand so as to engage people who may not talk to your representatives but want to gain information. In that case, using display signs and digital screens could also work wonders to attract people to your booth and spread information related to your business services. Using business marketing and ad-streaming aids such as a Loop video and other entertainment channels could be a great resource to showcase on booth display screens. With your company ads playing on a large screen, your tradeshow can be really successful and generate better ROI in the process. Additionally, do not forget to include links to your website and social media pages on all of your business marketing devices so that if people want to contact you, they can go to those pages.

Find the perfect place

If you can request the organiser to locate your booth in an ideal spot, it would be great. You want to be in an area which is somewhere between the quiet and chaotic booths so that you will still be close to the crowd, but without the pressure to compete with the loud ones.

Prepare well for this event and train the people you are going to send so they will not feel shocked once the trade show begins. Set goals and ensure that you can at least convince a few people to buy your products and services.