Choosing Your Best Branding

Your business’ branding is one of its most important attributes. Good branding gives your business an immediately recognizable image that communicates something of its values in a single glance, to tell the widest possible selection of your consumers that this is the brand for them. Some businesses will turn to brand experts to help them with their whole design, the needs of a business can change as time goes on, that is why flexibility is important and a necessity. If a business in Australia needs to contact a branding in melbourne service, they can do so through the internet, so can any business who requires this assistance, but, they first must be researched to make sure that they are the correct ones for what they need.

Branding needs to be distinctive. When they’re trying to create a ‘hero’ for a film or television programme, producers and costume designers talk a lot about creating a recognisable silhouette – an outline that can communicate the maximum amount about the character with the minimum of information. Think of the BBC’s Sherlock, for example, which uses a stylish coat and scarf as a shorthand to communicate the character’s old-fashioned heroism and 21st-century modernity in a single still image without a line of dialogue being uttered. Good branding communicates similar amounts about your brand, giving it a personality that customers can latch onto.

For an example of this in action, look at any campaign by Innocent smoothies – from a distinctively human typeface, to the playful, whimsical tone of voice of the content, the image of a direct, friendly brand sticks with consumers long after the information its imparting has faded.

Choosing Branding for your Company

Choosing the correct branding is a difficult exercise – if you get it wrong and have to rebrand, you can lose a lot of momentum and audience recognition, even if it’s the right decision in the long term.

To help you get it right first time, you need expert help. A market research company can provide branding intelligence: hard data that tells you what your audience responds to, and what encourages them to spend. Should you choose a strong authoritative voice that tells your customers that you’re the right choice? Or appeal to them more playfully as an equal? Good market research can give you the facts and figures that help you to make the right decision.

Apart from that, having a full-service digital marketing agency like ‘This Is LD‘ on board can probably help you in developing a strong digital presence and image too. With the client base choosing different mediums of communication nowadays, from social media to content streaming services, branding also takes on different colors and needs to be thought about in wider dimensions. Having experts that can work on your website and content while also having a thorough understanding of branding strategies may go a long way in minimising trial and error.


Continuing your market research after your initial campaigns launch is an important commitment to make: watching how they perform, and if they have the desired effect lets you know if you’re making the right branding decisions. Watching the customer response evolve over time like this means that if they aren’t attaching to the brand in the way you anticipated, you can make small changes to ‘steer’ the brand in the right direction, building on the engagement you’ve already built, rather than risk losing the following you’ve already built in a dramatic rebrand.

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