Choosing a UK online broker

Interested in getting started in the world of online trading? Are you looking to make some extra money or put your money to work? This may be the right option for you!

But becoming an online trader starts with choosing the right brokerage service. Your broker is your door into the market you want to invest in, they will make some assets available, as well as different types of accounts, and will determine the fees and commissions you are to pay. On the same line, brokers offer a variety of tools and features on their online trading platforms, and since they are all a bit different, wannabe traders need to make sure they choose wisely.

Why is important to choose a broker that matches your trading style and level of expertise?

There is a wide variety when it comes to choosing a broker, and a bit of research will show which one offers the features, services, and tools that you will need to make successful investments and profitable trades.

Best UK brokers


IG is one of the favorite brokers in the UK thanks to their affordable pricing plans, lengthy reputation, and the features they offer. What is more, IG is one of the few online brokers that allow investors to open not only the traditional shares account but also SIPP and ISA accounts, which may be a good reason for investors to choose IG.

One of the main features that have made IG a preferred choice for traders looking for a reliable broker, is the fact that their platform is not only efficient but also intuitive and easy to use.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is another popular broker in the UK. This is a very safe option that traders looking to keep their information and money secured. Additionally, Interactive Brokers has a great variety of educational tools that can be very valuable for beginner traders, as well as research features that will prove valuable when deciding on investment strategies.

This broker is also well-known for having one of the best online trading platforms available in the UK. Finally, apart from having a great platform, Interactive Brokers offer reasonable fees and commissions and no minimum deposits.

Fineco Bank

Fineco Bank is on the list of favourite brokers in the UK thanks to their really low fees and commissions, an aspect that it usually ranks high when traders are considering a broker. However, Fineco Bank, which can be found on, has a long reputation in Italy and the UK and a strong background that makes them a safe and reliable option.

Fineco makes for an excellent option for different kinds of traders looking for a variety of assets to invest in, diverse tools and features, and a reliable and efficient platform.

Saxo Markets

Saxo Markets, part of Saxo Bank, has a great reputation and it’s one of the brokers that offer more assets to invest in compared to others. This broker is also famous for having a reliable platform and for having services that are aimed at more experienced traders and those looking for a high-end service, which comes with higher fees and commissions. The quality of the service Saxo Markets provides makes it worth it.

Conclusions on choosing a UK broker

While choosing a broker can be a tough decision for newer investors, it just requires a bit of thought and research in order to make the best possible decision. Making sure the broker of your choice services your trading needs and offers what you need for your level of expertise, will guarantee more success investing and better deals.