Car Parts That Need Regular Replacements

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep our cars sparkling new forever. Over time, we will need to go to PDR specialists in Austin that have experience with aluminum vehicles because of hail damage. We’ll need to replace our wheels when the tread wears down. And, we’ll need to change our parts at some point. But, to avoid costly repairs, learn about the car parts that need regular replacement and keep up with their change schedule. Here are the parts that demand periodic changes.

Spark plugs

To run the car in its peak condition, you must use original, and premium quality sparks plugs. The thought of a damaged plug is enough to terrorize any driver. Not only do you get stuck with your vehicle but also face the chance of an engine misfire. Poor quality plugs also decline the vehicle’s mileage and acceleration; something a seasoned driver would hate the most.

Get in touch with a good mechanic to inspect the condition of your spark plug. Buy a new one once your car reaches the 80,000 miles mark.

Oil filter

All of us know the importance of oil change, yet it hardly makes into our priority list. Having a clean interior is nice, but fresh oil engine is even better any day. For every 3,000-5,000 miles or 3-6 months, whichever is earlier, you must change the engine oil and its filter.

Oil performs the important function of lubricating the engine parts and also decreases the heat produced by friction. Oil can also reduce the need for engine repair, however, if your engine is already damaged, it could be better to get it refurbished quickly. For that, you can either explore engine rebuilding kits or consult a professional mechanic to acquire the quote for the expenses. In addition, you can also check your engine’s oil filters since the filters save the oil from dirt and debris, thus preventing contamination that can cause lethal car damage.


Irrespective of your car, whether it’s a sport edition or a luxury sedan, the battery is undeniably one of the most important car parts. Almost all of us have faced a dead battery that basically makes a car useless. Apart from the ignition, the battery also powers the electrical system of our vehicles. Most new car models come loaded with electrical features, making the battery even more crucial and more heavily loaded.

An average battery would last no longer than 3-4 years. People who experience extremely cold climate are advised to change their batteries every 2 years. Make sure you check your battery’s health every time you find the slightest issue with your car (like starting late or stopping randomly). While this may sound like overkills, it could be one of the most important steps you take to protect your car, as well as your pocket.


This point is applicable to those who have a new age car, especially from the luxury car segment. These vehicles are heavily dependent on their keys due to the number of features they come loaded with. Ideally, the more electrical components in your car, the more important the keys become.

We advise you to change your keys regularly as they tend to lose their power in case of over and under usage. A BMW key replacement for your high-end, luxurious vehicle is easy and relatively cheap. It is also a more dependable option than repairing a key. Moreover, it is a quick and hassle-free way to ensure that your car works at its optimum best.

Remember, your car is as good as your discipline. Take control of your vehicle’s health before the situation worsens. Spending a little money today will save you from extended expenses down the road.