Adding Banners For Display Booth Emphasis

No matter what size display your company is occupying at trade shows, from the coveted island to the standard 10 X 10′, some cleverly designed banner stands can help you get a better return on your investment. Review your trade show marketing objectives, and then take a look at the display you’re currently using. Every single item in that exhibit should be contributing toward achieving a specific objective from your marketing plan. If you discover that you’ve got some objectives that aren’t adequately covered, you can fill the gap economically by designing a banner-stand-based solution. Maybe you need to mask the awful, generic pipe-and-drape backdrop that came with your space or you need to add emphasis to a critical message, or maybe you want a display area you can change easily and inexpensively, to highlight new products or deals, or maybe a new program or special event. Banner stands are budget-friendly solutions for all of these situations. And, in fact, if you plan ahead, you can have each banner printed on both sides, saving you even more money as you change messages throughout the year.

Add Emphasis to your Trade Show Booth Design

If your display includes a tower, monitor, or ceiling-mounted display, banner stands can help serve as reinforcement to the message you’ve displayed there. When visitors spot your taller display from a distance, eye-level banner stands will serve as a welcome when they arrive at your booth, that should demonstrate a dynamic trade show booth design, and offer them an up-close view of the message, maybe with an added enticement to come on in and interact with your team and the rest of your exhibit. 

A Bigger Picture

Thanks to their portability and flexible configuration options, banner stands give you opportunities to use a larger graphic than might otherwise be feasible. If space is tight, you can angle a pair of side panel in toward a central one to display a large graphic, or you can arrange 3 banner stands in a louver configuration to conserve space while showing the big picture. For even larger images, use a fleet of banner stands to create a zigzag-shaped wall offering much more surface area per linear foot of floor space. 

Simplify Booth Design For Success

The best possible banner design will include as little text as possible: Maybe even no text at all, beyond your logo. Let your visual branding and graphics convey the most powerful message possible to visitors, one that will make them stop and really pay attention. If you need text, be sure it’s large and set in a clear, heavy font for readability at a distance. Ideally, your banner stands will include a graphic image that causes a positive visceral response in the viewer. You get one shot at making a first impression, so be sure it’s a big one. 

Whether you’re using them as a backwall or as free-standing displays to highlight your latest and greatest offerings, a carefully designed set of banner stands will give you better exposure and help you draw more traffic to your trade show exhibit.