A Guide To How Google Trends Can Inform Real Estate Investors

Have you ever noticed how the things you want most tend to be in front of you, such as CRM software from Espresso Agent for real estate professionals, but you do not always know how to use these resources? The same is true for all businesses and learning how to grow these companies. If you take a look, you will discover that there are potential customers everywhere and the key to gaining consumerism is merely knowing how to look for clients. Fortunately, there are tons of tools available to help with this task including Google trends. This article will act as a guide on how Google trends can inform real estate investors to find Commercial Real Estate Ohio.

  1. Reading Between The Lines Of News Reports

Let us assume that you are a California electrician and read that Tesla’s latest Model 3 electric car has already attracted approximately 400,000 reservations at $4,000 per vehicle. The car has not yet been released, but it is already earning Tesla money. You begin to consider how this will affect you and that each of these new car owners will require a 220 volt outlet in their garage to charge the car. This is using a Google trend to increase consumerism by reading between the lines of news reports.

Another example is a construction company located in Florida. The director hears a news report indicating that US citizens older than 55-years are beginning to show an interest in aging in place. This is a large age group considering the ‘baby boomers’ are the largest generation in American history. As a construction company director, you think that these aging individuals will need accessibility features in their homes, such as widened doors to admit wheelchairs or curbless showers with grab bars. All of this is reading between the lines of news reports to increase consumerism in one’s company.

  1. Spying On Social Media

Another highly beneficial method of using trends to inform investment is by using social media websites. By ‘spying’ on potential customers on these social media platforms where people spend their time, you could increase your company’s client base. For example, a real estate agent may head to Twitter and search for “Atlanta townhomes” to discover the more recent industry trends in this area. Agents could also go to Pinterest or Facebook and perform the same searches to find industry trends. By using this information, it will be possible for the real estate agent to create theme packages and price services and even mould their real estate web design to suit the customers needs and demands!.

  1. Asking The All-Seeing One Using Google Trends

Many people choose to spend money on advertising when setting up websites, but before you start placing your income into online advertisements it is recommended that you do some research. Where better to begin than with the biggest search engine on earth – Google. Since 2003, this search engine has answered over 400 billion search questions and all in a matter of seconds. It makes sense then to use Google to discover what is trending in your industry and what would best service you when locating customers.

When using the Google Trends service, it is necessary to head to the Trends dashboard and type the words you believe individuals in your industry may use; for example, people in the electronics industry may use the keyword ‘240 volt’. If you are uncertain of which keywords to use, it can be beneficial to use the Google Keyword Planner and prepare a list of certain key phrases. Place each of these phrases into the box at the top of the Trends dashboard and test how popular the phrase is. This will help determine its relevance in your sector.

  1. Using Google Trends To Find Customers

Once you have discovered which keywords and key phrases are most popular, it is possible to use Google Trends to find customers. Of course, the effectiveness of this customer acquisition will depend on whether or not you run a website.

If you do own and operate a website, it will be possible to draw new customers to the site using Google Trends. However, before this is done you must ensure that Google sees your site and ranks it well in the search engine results page. Google crawls the internet continuously indexing all words on each website page – hard to believe, but true! To increase your chances of appearing high on the page rankings, it is important that Google indexes the correct words on your site and this is known as search engine optimization.

You may be wondering why you should both with search engine optimization or SEO? The fact of the matter is that when Google does not index a website, new clients will not be able to find the site and you cannot acquire any new customers. It is possible to perform SEO on your website independently, but many recommend hiring professional SEO companies (such as Victorious and similar others) to optimize the site. Professionals have the correct knowledge and skills to optimize the pages in a short period, whereas you may find it challenging and time-consuming.

If you do not own or operate a website, you can still utilize the internet to build your client base. It is possible to use directories, maps, and reviews to promote your company and acquire customers. Not only are these features free to use, but they have been proven to work. Statistics shown approximately 90% of all customers read online testimonials before purchasing products or using services with star ratings being the primary factor influencing a decision. This is why it is important to have customers write reviews for your company and place your business on directories.

Final Words

Finding new clients may seem a complicated task, but it is far easier than it appears as clients are literally all around you. By using Google Trends and other tools, it is possible for real estate investors to quickly find people to operate in their industry. Using the information above, it will be possible for you to find your particular niche and discover how to make Google Trends work for you in the real estate sector.