4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Western Star Semis

There are various truck manufacturers in the market today but one of the most popular ones is Western Star. This truck manufacturer offers different semi truck models that are designed to suit a variety of purposes. This article lists down some of the things that you probably didn’t know about Western Star semis. Those with these or similar vehicles in their fleet may want to ensure that they’re kept in top condition through maintenance and repair services such as those available from the Ferguson Truck Center. This can help to avoid unwanted breakdowns on the job and put vehicles back in the field.

Highway and Off-road Use Models

You may see various Western Star semi trucks on the highway and think that all of their models are only designed to cruise the highway. However, what you may not know is that they also offer a wide variety of big rigs that are for off-road use. In this case, if you need an off-road vehicle such as a dump truck for construction, going for a Western Star semi for sale is one of your most viable options.

Varying Sleeper Box Sizes

Like many other truck manufacturers, Western Star also offers varying sleeper box sizes with a number of roof options. Most people only consider the most popular models from Western Star, which is why they often overlook that Western Star offers other options. For instance, you can have a big rig with an ultra-low roof or one with a stratosphere high roof.

Right Hand Drive Trucks

You may be surprised to know that Western Star produces right-hand drive trucks that are specifically intended to cater to the Australian market. This transpired after Western Star was purchased in 1991 by the owners of the Western Star Australian subsidiary. From there, the right-hand drive trucks also reached New Zealand and the South African markets.

6900 Series has the highest capacity

Western Star offers various truck model series but it is the 6900 which offers the highest capacity. Apart from this, the 6900 series also feature power distribution models as well as suspended pedals which both allow the driver to sit comfortably behind the wheel. Truckers will tend to have a better ride too with this 6900 series because of its nodal engine mounting.

Final Word

The features of Western Star trucks listed above are only some of the things that you may not be familiar with because most people are only aware of the most popular models from this truck manufacturer. In case you get yourself a big rig from Western Semi, then you may be able to discover more about their truck model lineups. The key is in ensuring that you get the features that you need from a big rig at a reasonable cost.