4 Reasons to Provide Promotional Bottles in Printed Bottle Bags

While some companies offer little more than a free pen, those looking to make an impact, impress more discerning clients, or present a more luxurious image will often provide promotional bottles of wine or another alcoholic drink. That’s a great way to stand out, but you can go even further by providing those promotional bottles in branded bottle bags.

Here are just four advantages.

  1. Luxury Appearance

If you’re already giving away promotional bottles, you’re probably looking to foster an upscale air and treat valued clients and customers to a prestige experience. Unfortunately, nothing takes the edge of a prestige experience like providing promotional items in bland packaging. Even if what’s inside is good, the packaging is going to make a negative impact. Instead, make a positive one by branding the bag around your business or message.

  1. Ideal Branding Opportunity

One of the main reasons businesses give away promotional items is to raise awareness, and there’s no better way to do that than by offering branded bags. When someone walks away carrying a promotional bottle in one of your branded bags, they’ll start advertising your business to anyone that sees it, and the customer or client themselves will be more likely to remember your business and see it in a positive light.

  1. Immediately Helpful

Don’t forget about practicality. If you don’t provide a bottle bag or only offer a standard shopping bag, people are going to find it hard to carry your promotional bottle around. When you provide a branded bottle bag at the same time, you’re helping people out. That’s something they tend to appreciate, and many will even keep the bag for later use.

  1. Cost-Effective

Providing promotional bottles is rarely cheap – you’re taking the chance that opting for such a valuable promotional item will result in more appealing returns. Since you’re already spending the money to take that chance, you might as well spend a small amount more on branded bags. Having them can make all the difference for the reasons listed above, so they should represent a cost-effective way to make the most of those promotional bottles.

Infographic Provided By Steel & O’Brien