4 Reasons Laminated Printed Paper Bags Might Be for You

Paper bags might be relatively simple, but there’s a whole host of things to think about when you order them. For example, you’ll need to decide between laminated and unlaminated. Both options come with their own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons why you should consider laminating any printed bags.

  1. Added Durability

The best thing about lamination is that it improves the durability of paper products. That’s why licenses, membership cards, and any other important paper documents are often laminated. If you’re giving out printed bags, you’re probably doing so to build your brand and expose your business to more people. As such, you’ll want people to use your bags for as long as possible, and laminating makes them last longer to help that happen.

  1. Protects Your Printing

Even quality printing can still be smeared or stained by oil, dirt, moisture, and other such contaminants. Even worse, a simple spill can leave your unlaminated bags ruined. To ensure your branding remains fresh and uncontaminated, you can laminate your products with the help of a lamination service provider.

  1. More Vibrant Style

You’ll naturally want the printing on your branded paper bags to really pop, and lamination can make that happen. Adding lamination actually enhances the appearance of ink colours to create a more dynamic and eye-catching final product. It could be the difference between people taking note of your brand and people failing to notice it.

  1. High-End Appearance

Finally, lamination tends to create a high-end appearance that customers respond well to. That’s why most luxury retailers package their items in laminated paper bags. Simply providing your customers with laminated paper shopping bags can improve people’s impression of your business and ensure your branding carries a little more weight. It’s a small step that could have significant results.